The Mike Schy Golf Performance Institute

Every good golf swing has it’s own style and is unique. But all good golf swings have a number of things in common.

Many years ago, a man named Homer Kelley wondered exactly what those things were. Nearly thirty years later his book, The Golfing Machine, appeared and revolutionized golf teaching. The Golfing Machine became one of the most highly-regarded and authoritative instructional texts in golf history. It has provided countless instructors with the familiarity and understanding of the golf swing to thousands of students.

When you learn from me, you are learning from someone who can combine a very sophisticated understanding of the complexities of the golf swing, with a teaching style and communication skills that will allow you to understand, simply and plainly, how you can consistently hit golf shots that are straight and true. I will focus on you and your level of expertise and understanding, and will work with you to bring out the very best!

Mike’s students are having an enormous impact on the golf world right now. The success they are having is nothing short of amazing!
— Dale Rehus, President, JumboMax Golf Grips

STudent achievements

  • 2015 NCAA Men's Individual Championship.
  • 2015 U.S. Amateur Championship.
  • 2016 Masters Tournament Silver Cup recipient (low amateur).
  • 2016 Mountain West Championship First Place.
  • 2015 Australian Masters Runner Up
  • 2014 LasPo Open Championship.
  • Course record 60 at Belmont CC.
  • 91st California State Fair Championship
  • 2014 Northern California Amateur of the Year.